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Hoople's vision, mission and values

Hoople's vision

To provide excellent business support services to the public sector and those who work with them.

Hoople's mission

To provide excellent, cost effective services and create added value for our shareholders and customers.

Hoople's values

  • Passion for improvement: to develop more effective and efficient ways of delivering services for our customers.
  • Customer focus: satisfying our customers and helping them to support themselves is at the core of what we do and is an integral part of our thinking and actions.
  • Professional integrity: bringing the best of our shared technical expertise and professional values to our work.
  • Mutual support: whether one-on-one, or in teams we encourage and support each other to strive for excellent performance in all that we do.
  • Ambition: our staff are committed to the success of our company in delivering effective services to organisations, communities and individuals.

Hoople's Social Value Statement

To view our Social Value Statement, please click here.

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