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A perfect way to gain experience in administration on the job!

Monday 3 February 2020 9.22am

After a year studying A-levels, Angel wasn’t convinced college was for her. She felt detached from learning when sitting in a classroom or reading from books.

She parted ways with the sixth form and spent her summer looking for apprenticeships as an alternative way to gain experience needed to work in business administration. Angel weighed up the different opportunities and decided to take up an apprenticeship with Hoople Recruitment after completing a successful interview.

Angel fitted into the team and took on challenges in her stride. She soon built a keen interest in legislation, employee and employer rights; sharing her knowledge with close clients has built good working relationships with managers at Herefordshire Council and Hoople – something Angel wouldn’t have the confidence to do before her apprenticeship.

Whilst working on her units, the team made sure Angel was involved in all aspects of the recruitment services. Refining frequently used documents with her line manager made Angel proud to contribute to worthwhile procedures and felt valued.

A permanent role was made available shortly before Angel completed her apprenticeship, which she was successful in securing. Her involvement in DBS provision has increased, and Angel is keen to continue developing her knowledge in disclosure barring and aims to become a counter signature. 

Being involved with all corners of the council and Hoople, Angel has an understanding of HR and Payroll practices too, which she hadn’t come across in an academic environment. She enjoys the broad sectors she supports meaning no day is ever the same.

Kelly Hughes, Resourcing Manager (Angel’s line manager): “It was great to see Angel progress while she was on her apprenticeship, we were delighted when we had the opportunity to appoint her to a permanent position.

I’ve seen Angel’s confidence grow as time has gone on and she has become a key member of our team, always willing to support others. Angel is now in a position where she can train new team members and this is a testament to how hard she has worked along the way.”

Maddy Philips, Business Administration Assessor: “Angel has gained so much confidence since undertaking her apprenticeship at Hoople. Work based learning was the best way for her to develop her knowledge and skills and gain a qualification. Angel identified right from the start that she liked to work to targets, something which is naturally embedded in her role within the Recruitment team.

We also incorporated this into her qualification to support her with learning and unit achievement. As a result, Angel gained her Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration, a Level 1 ICT functional skills qualification and a permanent position doing a role she already knew!

Angel should be very proud of her achievements and I wish her the best of luck in her career.”

If you like the sound of a similar route, or want to find out more about apprenticeship opportunities within Hoople or beyond, contact