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International Women's Day 2021

Monday 8 March 2021 12.44pm

Today is International Women’s Day (8th March 2021), celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness of gender bias and campaigning for gender equality. The mission behind the day is ‘To champion women of all backgrounds who dare to innovate, lead and uplift others towards a more equal and inclusive workplace’.

In the UK women currently occupy just 18.6% of the executive positions in our business. Hoople are very proud to have our own female Chief Operating Officer Audrey Clements, who has been with us since Hoople started in 2011. She has experienced the positive progression of gender equality in our work place, mentioning “I believe gender equality is something that organisations see as a benefit and have adapted their recruitment, policies and working practises to accommodate all employees.”

When asked why she feels it is important to have gender equality in senior leadership roles, Audrey responded, “We all bring different strengths, skills and experience to our organisations, having a mixture of genders create an comprehensive leadership team that is able to challenge and be challenge, to share and learn from each other. Understanding, empathy, drive, innovation and passion are all skills we bring in different measures, having a diverse combination of these skills brings better outcomes for the organisation and the employees. ”

Previous to her new role as COO, Audrey was the Head of Management Accounting. When asked the same question a year earlier, in 2020, she responded with a similar answer saying “as senior managers we are the voice of our staff that work for us, many of which are fabulous woman. Everyone has a different perspective and experience of life, it is beneficial to have that mixture making strategic decisions.”

22% of UK boardroom seats are currently occupied by women, Audrey believes that by improving the gender balance in our boardrooms the next generation of young people will grow up viewing gender equality in the workplace as normality. She said, “we are role models to the next generation, women in leadership positions inspire young girls to aim for careers in senior leadership positions that they hadn’t thought were achievable previously.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentage of women in the work place has dropped by 0.8% in 2020. Audrey shared her thoughts on how to achieve a more equal gender balance within organisations, she stated, “we need to expand our apprenticeship offers, and engage with school leavers to demonstrate the range of job opportunities available. We need to ensure that our recruitment and our employment offer is flexible, inclusive, offers work life balance, and that we live these policies so employees have confidence in our availability to support and develop their careers.” She believes that we all have a responsibility for working with mutual respect to our colleagues, encouraging each other to maximise our potential and celebrating the success of others.


Hoople has a large, varied portfolio of services with a balanced and diverse team at the helm. If you are interested in finding out about opportunities at Hoople, whether you are seeking work experience or interested in available roles, please contact


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