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Building knowledge in business away from the classroom

Thursday 6 February 2020 10am

Jason Moore joined Hoople Training and Education in the summer of 2019 as a Business Administration Apprentice. Just after six months into his apprenticeship, he was promoted to a permanent, full-time position as our Customer Support Assistant.

After leaving school, Jason studied Travel and Tourism. He soon realised he enjoyed the business units and wanted to dig deeper into administration.

An apprenticeship seemed like the perfect opening into business administration for Jason – “I’m a practical learner and find it difficult learning in the classroom. I wanted to continue building my knowledge in business and a friend recommended looking into apprenticeships after finishing my college course”.

Jason’s enthusiasm to increase his knowledge and involvement within the contracts department has landed him opportunities to share his views on changing processes; he has worked with the team to deliver improved policies and procedures, something Jason is proud to have contributed towards.

Feeling as if he’s been part of the team from day one has given Jason the confidence to approach new ideas and environments more comfortably, he looks forward to the challenges and responsibility ahead in his new role.

Jason is keen to continue studying through his apprenticeship and considers doing a higher-level apprenticeship after he completes his first year.

Ferrara Slack, Jason’s Supervisor - “Over the last six months, Jason has gained so much experience in administration and customer service, and embraced every opportunity to learn more about our department. He has never shied from answering calls, and picked up how to book learners in for examinations quickly. He has a great passion, work ethic, and attention to detail; there’s no doubt he will go far with his career at Hoople.”

If you like the sound of a similar route, or want to find out more about apprenticeship opportunities within Hoople or beyond, contact