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Finding the missing piece to Jess’ career

Tuesday 4 February 2020 9.42am

Jess spent her first few years of work in retail, some of which was spent training as a department manager for a large clothing company. She enjoyed her work but didn’t feel as if her time was valued, she wanted to feel proud of the hours she had put in so decided to try something new and moved on to working in care.

After time went on, Jess still felt as if something was missing from her working life; she built up more responsibility, filing confidential documents and preparing rotas for the care company, but this still didn’t cut it. She felt retraining into a new sector might offer the chance to start a new path she hoped for.

Biding her time to find a sector she wished to go into, Jess self-funded her way through an AAT level 2 course. Taking just under 12 months, the course tested her workload. Balancing a full-time role in care alongside her qualification was somewhat stressful, despite this Jess completed with a Distinction.

This was the turning curve for Jess. She knew she wanted to work her way into finance and started applying for jobs soon after completing her course. After having a handful of interviews for trainee accounting roles, Jess kept receiving good feedback, but companies were looking for someone with more experience.

After a month or so of unsuccessful interviews due to not having work experience in finance, Jess began to worry about how she would continue studying her level 3 AAT without employment in finance. Fortunately, an apprenticeship in Hoople’s finance team came up which Jess successfully interviewed for.

“I feel so grateful working at Hoople. When I was offered my apprenticeship, everything just fitted into place. I can work flexibly and my AAT qualification is now being paid for which is a weight of my shoulders.” Said Jess.

Whilst working with a handful of people from varied departments, Jess loves being able to see how the knowledge she has built up actually works in a financial setting. She is pleased to have taken the plunge into a completely different environment. What was missing from her positions before has been filled, and Jess can’t wait to continue her journey in finance.

Theresa Shaw, Senior Finance Team Leader (Jess’ Line Manager): “Jess took a brave step, moving from a job she knows well to a career in finance, which shows her commitment and determination to achieve. In a short space of time Jess has shown herself to be an enthusiastic member of the Hoople Transactional Finance Team, always keen to learn new tasks and improve her knowledge and skills.

As Jess’s confidence increases so does her workload and the variety of finance tasks she is responsible for, which is a valuable contribution to the Transactional Finance Team.”

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