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Hoople wins contract to deliver innovative apprenticeship pilot

Monday 9 October 2017 10.58am

Hoople Training and Education has been appointed by the One Herefordshire Apprentice Group to deliver an innovative pilot apprenticeship programme.

The pilot will demonstrate the feasibility and benefit of collaborative training across the health and adult care sectors. Currently, learners elect to follow either a health or adult care pathway and then study separately from each other. The pilot will provide opportunities for apprentices who are based either in the health or adult care sectors to learn together, offering greater chance for mutual understanding, wider experience and the cross fertilisation of ideas.

In addition to the core requirements of the particular apprenticeship standard, learners will together attend six additional training sessions specifically related to the Herefordshire context. Topics will be relevant to both the health and adult care sectors and include, for example, dementia; end of life care; mental health; wellbeing; frailty; long term conditions and caring for carers. All will be delivered by One Herefordshire Group partners. In addition, learners will be given the opportunity to work for one week in three other organisations in order to extend the breadth of their experience and understanding.

The first cohort for the pilot of 12-15 learners will start in January 2018 and be on programme for 12 months. New apprentices will be recruited to the cohort by each of the One Herefordshire Apprentice Group members and care homes.

The pilot will be carefully monitored throughout and a full written analysis conducted upon completion. A further impact assessment will be carried out six months after the end of the programme.

The One Herefordshire Apprentice Group’s longer term vision is to develop apprenticeship schemes that will enable learners to work more easily across the adult care and health sectors  

Roger Clarke, Head of Hoople Training and EducationRoger Clarke, Head of Training and Education at Hoople says: “As one of Herefordshire’s leading providers of health and social care apprenticeships, we are delighted to have been appointed by the One Herefordshire Apprenticeship Group to deliver this pilot programme.

“By training health and adult care apprentices together, we are sure that we will encourage greater understanding between the two sectors and collaboration across organisations. We are also hoping that in so doing we will be widening the appeal of working in the health and adult care sectors and so addressing a skills shortage in this area.”