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What are Reablement Services?

“Whatever they’re doing with her, it’s working!” - client’s family member.

John’s 80 year old mother had a stroke, she’d been living independently until it happened, and like many, the family just weren’t prepared. During nearly a month in hospital Jean gradually recovered, but the family still had questions, how was she to manage at home? Would she be safe? How could she cope? Mightn’t it be better to move into care?

Once Jean was ready to leave hospital, the discharge team referred her to Home First, Reablement Service. Our Assessment Officer visited her, the same day she arrived home, to discuss her support needs. Although family members were ready to help but Jean didn’t want to have to rely on them for everything, she wanted to be able to care for herself and get back to normal.

That is exactly what our Home First Reablement Service was set up to provide. Step by step, day by day, for the first few weeks our Reablement team worked with Jean on everyday routines such as personal care, getting safely around her home, making drinks and snacks. Our therapists, physios and occupational therapists helped Jean relearn to climb her stairs safely and with confidence. Reablement Workers stood by to help Jean wash and dress until she was able to do it all herself. Jean is still impatient for more progress, there’s her garden to tend and knitting projects on the go just for starters, but from here, with her family, we’re sure she can make it on her own.

Home First

Reablement Service.

This case study is taken from December 2020; individuals’ names have been changed/withheld.