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Earning, learning and feeling valued

Wednesday 5 February 2020 9.49am

Will grew up in rural Herefordshire, spending time working in his family’s local shop and pub. He built a keen interest in business and finance towards the end of his school years and after receiving his GCSE results last summer, it didn’t take him long to sift through his options to develop his knowledge in accounting.

A lot of his friends went on to sixth form and technical colleges, but Will didn’t want to continue the academic routine he had just been able to shake off. He looked into apprenticeships and became drawn to finance – it wasn’t long until he found himself successful in starting his AAT level 2 apprenticeship with Hoople’s finance team.

At first arriving at Hoople was a shock to the system when compared to his school days. He soon settled in, going from clock watching in class to wondering where the time went whilst in the office, Will enjoyed the pace of working life.

A normal working day for Will involves preparing journals, raising invoices for the DBS service and processing commercial payments. He has recently taken on supporting a foundation learner on Hoople’s Study Programme, providing the individual with support to gain an understanding of basic finance tasks. Will says; “I enjoy helping the Study Programme student; I feel supported by my Line Manager and enjoy the responsibility of making sure the individual has the resources to do their work”.

Enjoying the day-to-day experience of work and learning lifelong skills in finance makes Will’s days worthwhile, but he also enjoys being able to earn whilst learning. “I like being able to buy my own stuff without having to rely on asking my parents. I feel more independent, I feel responsible for my money and how I save and spend it.” Said Will.

Will would like to continue working his way up through the AAT levels. He has aspirations of working towards a leadership role within finance, something he has thought about since being involved with supporting Hoople’s Study Programme student.

Theresa Shaw, Senior Finance Team Leader (Will’s Line Manager): “It is a huge step from school to a fairly large, open plan office. Will has done really well to take that step, settling in, and becoming an integral, valued member of the Hoople Transactional Finance team.

In a short space of time, Will has received work-based training, which has allowed him to develop his knowledge and confidence, becoming responsible for a number of key transactional finance tasks. Will’s increase in confidence also showing in his interaction with his colleagues not just in the Transactional team but in the wider finance team.”

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