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Senior Care

Job information
Salary Meets NMW/NLW
Organisation Field Farm House
Location Field Farm House Residential Home
Hours 07:30-013:30/13:30-19:30 (07:30-19:30) Days
Term/duration Permanent
Closing date 12 pm on 25 May 2018

Job details

The Senior Carer is required to take responsibility, individually or jointly with the Manager of the Home, to secure, sustain and promote the reputation of the Home for the benefit of Service Users.

To set and maintain high standards of professional practice and to create a caring environment conducive to the individual physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs of each Service User.

To ensure that each Service User receives care according to need.

To follow the policy and direction of the Manager, to ensure the full implementation of current registration and quality control/assurance requirements in all aspects and to supervise all staff employed in the Home.

Company rules and the Service Users' Charter bind all employees that are detailed in separate documents.

Care Practice:

•To ensure the smooth introduction and induction of new Service Users in to the Home and, in conjunction with the Service User, relevant professional agencies and Service User's family.

•To devise appropriate care programmes catering for the emotional, spiritual, physical and material needs of each individual involved.

•To keep individual Care Plans, Moving and Handling Risk Assessments under continuing review on a monthly basis.

•To encourage Service Users to take decisions in matters which affect their lifestyle thereby assisting them to fulfil their maximum potential no matter how small. To encourage each Service User to develop relationships and to participate in activities internal and external to the Home that facilitates the fullest possible participation in the life of the local community and within social groupings within the Home.

•To manage and supervise the provision the health care services within the Home, including use of drugs and medication for which the Home has taken responsibility and the keeping of necessary associated records.

•To ensure the provision of care of a kind at least equal to that which might be provided by a competent and caring relative and which, under the direction of a GP and with the support of the community nursing service, might include terminal care.

•To maintain an awareness of all routines within the Home.

•To practice maximum integrity in all dealings with Service Users' personal and financial affairs and not to abuse the privileged relationship that exists with Service Users. Ensuring that all information of a confidential nature gained in the course of work is not divulged to third parties.

•To help Service Users who need assistance with washing, toileting and undressing

•To help Service Users who have limited mobility or physical disabilities, making use of aids provided.

•To assist in control of incontinence, providing comfort with dignity using incontinence aids and regularly toileting.

•To care for Service Users who are temporarily unwell including the application of minor dressings and basic bed care.

•To assist in giving mental and physical stimulation to Service Users by chatting to them and helping them to continue with hobbies and activities in the Home.

•To help care for Service Users who are dying, keeping the officer in charge fully informed of events.

•To help Service Users get up in the morning or retire when they choose to do so.

•To make and change beds, tidy rooms and do light cleaning including emptying and cleaning of commodes as required.

•To respond to emergency bells, answer the door and telephone in a professional manner.

•To feed Service Users who need help, lay tables and trays, serve meals, wash up prepare light meals, clear and tidy dining room.

•To carry out essential laundry duties as directed by the management.

•To use emergency services effectively, including accompanying Service Users to hospital and doctor appointments

•To work in a manner that reflects clear understanding of Policies and Procedures with in the Home.

•To establish good rappel with visitors including Service Users’ relatives; friends and professionals.

•To be responsible for the running of the unit when on duty including topping up kitchenette supplies and maintaining cleanliness of the unit.

•To ensure that spillages, accidents are cleared up quickly.

•To be responsible for keys, handovers and maintenance of Walkie-Talkies.
Staff Matters

•To supervise the effective induction, supervision and assessment of staff and to ensure that training needs are identified and met.

•To participate in training and personal development to enhance performance.

•To supervise and liaise with other staff for good housekeeping of the Home.

•To identify and minimize interpersonal conflicts.

•To develop and sustain good communications with and between staff in order to working as a team.

•To supervise the operation of the terms of staff contracts and company rules, keeping the Owners/Manager fully informed of any serious misdemeanour that might occur.

•To ensure that all staff contribute to the best of their abilities to the efficient running of the Home and the creation of an atmosphere conducive to the best interests of the Service Users.

•To participate in the appraisal and supervision systems in the Home.

•To acknowledge and take responsibility for meeting legal requirements of Care Standards Act 2000.

General administrative duties:

•To assist the Owners/Manager in any marketing and promotional initiatives associated with the Home.

•To maintain such log books and records as may be required by the registering authority, other authorised agencies and the Owners Manager including records of staff working patterns/ rotas.

•To ensure that rooms, common areas and service areas are properly cleaned, maintained and properly heated and to ensure that all equipment in the Home is maintained and 'in good working order’.

•To remain receptive to the changing needs of the Home and sensitive to requests from the Owners/Manager to accept or undertake duties and responsibilities not covered in this document but falling within the general scope.

•To be proactive in identifying and solving problems.

•To be cost effective and economical with the use of the Home’s resources.

•To make full use of the systems in place, such as maintenance book, communication books and handover documentations effectively.

Personal competencies:

•Maintain confidentiality

•Show concern for excellence

•Be sensitive to the needs of others

•Relate to others to obtain their commitment

•Present yourself positively

•Show self-confidence and personal drive

•Manage personal learning and development

•Provide consistency by recognizing emotions and minimizing stress

•Conduct yourself in a professional manner at work

Basic grade senior carer:

Minimum qualification: 1, 2 a or b, and 3

1. Successfully completed probationary period satisfactorily
2. a. QCF level 2 in Care with no less than 12 months’ experience in UK dementia settings, or
b. QCF level 3 in Care with limited experience in relevant dementia care settings
3. Possess the personal competencies and demonstrable qualities to be a senior carer

Grade 1 senior carer:

Minimum qualification: both 1 and 2

1. Successfully completed probationary period satisfactorily, and
2. Minimum of QCF level 2 in Care with extensive relevant experience in dementia care in UK and able to demonstrate fully the qualities described within the job description for senior carer

Grade 2 Senior Carers:

In addition to the requirements for Grade 1 senior carer, Grade 2 senior carers must have minimum qualification of QCF level 3 in Care and be able to demonstrate the following qualities:

•Experienced in working in Service User care and have extensive knowledge in our client groups.

•Take an active interest in getting to know our Service Users well in order to provide person-centred care effectively.

•Competent in dealing with all visitors, visiting professionals in person as well as on the telephone.

•Competent in all aspects of medication administration.

•Comply with the Health and Safety procedures as well as all other Policies and Procedures within the


•Able to work as an effective member of the team and support other team members.

•Able to deal with crisis in emergency situations relating to Service Users as well as staff members.

•Arrange for emergency staff cover e.g. when staff phone in sick.

•Responsible for organizing staff in order to achieve smooth running of the Home in the absence of management

This criteria is not meant to be definitive nor restrictive and will be modified to meet changing needs.


  • Training and career progression
  • Uniform
  • DBS and meals provided
  • Opportunities to diversify within the role

Reporting to: The Manager / The Deputy Manager/ Senior Carer

For more information contact

For more information please contact Field Farm House on or call 0143273064.

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