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Services for local authorities, the public sector and healthcare

Working for a local authority, healthcare or other public sector organisation, you will know that as demand for your services grows, budgets become ever tighter.

Hoople was established in 2011 as a shared services company formed to look at new and efficient ways of working for its founding partners: Herefordshire Council, Herefordshire PCT and Wye Valley NHS Trust.

Now an innovative shared services partnership that has cut costs and increased efficiency for its shareholders, an increasing number of other local authorities, healthcare and public sector organisations outsource their services to Hoople.

We provide a range of flexible back and front-office services, including HR, IT, finance, revenues and benefits, training, recruitment and consultancy.

Our credentials

Our experience of implementing the shared services model, coupled with our teams' in-depth knowledge and experience of the public sector, means that we are ideally placed to help you develop new ways of working and innovative approaches to old challenges. We achieve this through four key service propositions.

See how we have helped our shareholders, other partners and customers by reading their case studies.

To find out about our high quality, flexible services that offer real value for money, please get in touch.

Our shareholders

Hoople is a private limited company with public sector shareholders namely Herefordshire Council and Wye Valley NHS Trust

Delegated authority 

As a private limited company with public sector shareholders, Hoople Ltd has delegated authority to act on behalf of other public sector organisations. This means that other public sector organisations can purchase Hoople services without the need to undertake a lengthy tender process. 

Herefordshire CouncilWye Valley NHS Trust