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Enhanced IT

Hoople provides support, advice, design and delivery across a wide range of IT systems. From reviews to integration and development, we work with you to put the most effective infrastructure and services in place to help streamline your business. 

Packages are flexible to suit your needs and can include all or some of the following:

Software application development, integration and support

Hoople hosts and supports dedicated business software applications, such as finance, health and social care and schools management systems and, where required, can design bespoke software in order to support your unique business functions. 

GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

Hoople provides support and advice on how the use of maps and location based data/analysis can enhance the efficiency of your business.

Infrastructure design and delivery

Hoople designs robust and future-proof infrastructure whether on site at your offices or in our secure data centres.  The storage of data is an essential part of our business, ensuring that your information (software applications, file shares or email) is held effectively and securely.

Telephony and unified communications 

Hoople provides telephony services to meet your particular needs. Whether you are looking to just make calls or for a fully integrated voice, instant message and email system, we are able to help.

Network services

Wired and wireless connectivity support, internet connectivity, web security, PSN and N3 compliance and maintenance, network monitoring and maintenance.

Operating systems, databases and application software

Hoople provides both operating system and software reviews across your whole estate to align or update to new versions, offering efficiencies that enable you to work in a more streamlined way.