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Strategic IT

Through bespoke consultancy and advice, Hoople’s Enterprise Architecture team will help you to design a strategic ‘life cycle’ approach to meet your IT needs. We will map out your ‘where we are now’ to ‘where we would like to be’ model and help to formulate a strategic plan on how to get there.

Enterprise architecture

With a clear understanding of your business area and future needs, Hoople's team will focus on designing your IT around your unique business needs and processes.  We will work with you to get the most out of new and existing technology in order to address your longer term IT plans. This includes solution design, product selection, implementation services and related benefits and cost options.

IT consultancy and advice

Whether you are a local authority, council, school or health organisation, Hoople can support you to review and refresh your IT strategy. We provide fully facilitated workshops to map your current IT position and to develop an effective strategic plan. Hoople works with software vendors on application lifecycle including scheduled maintenance and upgrades. Licensing advice is also available to ensure that you choose the right package to legally cover the use of software within your business, whilst benefiting from the latest versions and compatibility.

IT strategic planning

Hoople will work with you to design your year-on-year IT vision and direction. When designing new solutions, applications and infrastructure we take into account the whole lifecycle of your business needs, working to create solutions to meet your longer term strategies, and taking into consideration new technologies and opportunities.  

As well as strategy advice and planning, Hoople can offer implementation services for new desktops, networks, systems, infrastructure, data centres, technologies (including Cloud), and applications.