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Hoople's key service propositions

Our experience of implementing the shared services model, coupled with our teams' in-depth knowledge and experience of the public sector, means that we are ideally placed to help you develop new ways of working and innovative approaches to old challenges. We achieve this through four key service propositions.

Agile technology platforms

The focus is on supporting true mobile working, allowing staff and customers to access data, deliver and receive services and support anywhere, any time, anyhow. 

Agile technology platforms enable cost-effective, joined-up and innovative public services. Hoople deploys efficient, agile and secure infrastructure (network, data centre and end-user environment) for use by all of our customers. Our data hub enables effective and secure data sharing within and across multiple local public services provider organisations.

Integrated, automated back office services

Enabled through the full range of finance, people and asset related support services allowing customers to focus on delivering their core operations. Automation enables employee, manager and supplier self-service, and generates analytical and insight based data.

The key to success and value is in automation and integration and the ability to deliver end-to-end platforms, supporting each aspect of our clients’ back office needs in a joined-up way.

Digital services

Digital services provide for accessible and affordable services, allow effective management of demand and the opportunity for innovative approaches to service design.

The effective and creative use of technology holds the key to the long-term sustainability of public services in the face of declining funding and increasing demand. More importantly, digital services are essential to reflect changes in wider society and to meet the expectations of both existing and new service users. Integrating digital channels with other engagement channels also ensures that the needs of the most vulnerable and/or excluded continue to be met.

Workforce solutions 

Hoople enables clients to attract, retain and develop their long-term workforce capability.

Our workforce solution proposition joins up Hoople's various vocational and workplace training programmes with our recruitment and resourcing solutions to form an integrated package that offers affordability and flexibility, tailored to meet your unique requirements.

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