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Social work resources

This section provides resources for practice educators and social work students, including downloadable documents, current placements and relevant articles and videos.

Featured articles

Research:  Experiences of families with children involved in multiple welfare services. Key messages include the importance of humane practice and implications for families and services

22/10/19: The interface between homelessness, the Care Act (2014) and safeguarding

07/10/19: Ruling on social services departments facilitating access to sex workers

03/10/19: The impact of accessing records on care experienced people

16/07/19:  Parliamentarians and Social Workers call to bring the social model into mental health clinical health care

05/07/19:  BASW on the successful social work student appeal against being removed from a course

26/10/18:  Joseph Rowntree report on solving poverty after Brexit

26/04/18:  Why we need to face our mortality

04/02/18: How social workers reflect in action and when and why they don't: the possibilities and limits to reflective practice in social work, by Harry Ferguson

14/01/09: Tribute from a service user to a mental health social worker on her retirement

Useful Links

Local Teams and Facilities

Child development Resource 

NHS Business Services Authority

Herefordshire Disability United 

British Association of Social Workers 

Skills for Care

Social Work England 

One Stop Social - A specialist social work and care professional's hub



News site for all professional working with children and young people

CAPE (Children of alcoholic parents engagement) A Children’s society web-site for young people and those who work with children whose parents use alcohol

What Works Centre


The following resources have been made available for practice educators and social work students.


Download: Changing hearts and minds in dementia care (.pdf, 296kb)

Download:  Creating dementia friendly environments (.pptx, 2084kb)

Download: Dementia research, Dr Simon Evans (.pdf, 2869kb)

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Link: CSE: Strategies, Guidance and Tool kits

Social work articles

Department of Health and Social Care

Community Care articles

Transgender articles

University of GloucestershireUniversity of WorcesterHeart of Worcester College